The mission of GMDI is to provide standards of excellence and leadership in nutrition therapy for genetic metabolic disorders through clinical practice, education, advocacy, and research.  GMDI came to Vistrada in need of replacing an archaic nutrient analysis program that was being used by its members to aid in the planning of diets for patients with serious metabolic and digestive disorders.  The existing system, originally created in the 1980’s on a DOS platform, was extremely outdated.  GMDI wanted a modern web based tool that could provide shared access throughout a clinic and could be easily updated and customized by individual users.  As a non-profit organization, GMDI was also looking to gain maximum value with limited spend.

Vistrada built, from the ground up, a nutritional calculator and the supporting materials.  We used our expertise in technology and marketing to create a new tool that would contain a comprehensive dataset and be user friendly and flexible enough to accommodate the varying needs of individual dietitians in clinics nationwide.  Partnering with GMDI, our team performed Requirements Analysis, Detailed Design, Prototyping, Development, Testing and Deployment over a 16 week time period.

The result is MetabolicPro, the only on-line nutritional calculator designed for metabolic nutritionists.  It features complex nutritional parameters that can be adjusted as needed, as well as the ability to create and manage foods, recipes and daily allowances.   Existing data was incorporated along with new data sources and housed in a brand new database designed to be dynamic and allow for fast, easy and continual updating of nutritional information of several thousand food items.  A new user interface system was designed to allow quick and easy access to all necessary information.  Additionally, MetabolicPro provides a robust reporting system that allows for customization and the flexibility to display and format the data in several layouts.

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