McCann Relationship Management

McCann Erickson had acquired one of the nation’s largest telecommunications client account.  McCann Relationship Management (MRM), a key unit, had to transition all marketing activities which included all online and offline data processing and management for an account with marketing spend over $1 billion.  The marketing effort was significant both in volume and campaign variety across multiple business lines.  MRM had to refocus its data processing strategy, analytics and campaign management efforts to support the account while on-boarding over 150 resources through direct hires of inter-company transitions.  They looked to Vistrada to help with the program management and data processing buildout.

Vistrada worked as a part of the MRM team developing and managing the plan around the data processing and management, as well as program management of marketing efforts across critical business lines.  Vistrada was able to seamlessly integrate with the client team at multiple levels to ensure that both our clients and the new customer were completely satisfied through exceptional delivery.

Vistrada partnered with our clients with an aggressive timeline set by the CMO and delivered high quality redesigned processes and data processing solutions to allow the business to handle the capacity as committed by our clients.  The client provided exceptional ratings on an independent client satisfaction survey via D&B and continues to seek our help in complex on-boarding of clients.

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