Vendor Risk Management
November 2013 - Vendor Risk Management (VRM) programs and technology traditionally support initiatives to protect sensitive, personal, or proprietary customer and enterprise information. Today, forward-thinking enterprises are stretching the definition and role of VRM, to determine vendor criticality to the business, improve vendor relationships and processes and report on security & compliance across the extended enterprise ecosystem.  Vistrada has helped clients define, build, and apply a consistent global vendor management policy.

Gamified Training
October 2013 – Gamification is not a fad, and is not going away any time soon.  Gamified Learning Management Systems, like Motivate Cloud, focus on improving the effectiveness of employee and professional training via networked-learning, games, and rewards.
Through the use of micro-learning tools and gaming techniques, companies can provide its audiences an immersive learning experience.

Competition & Collaboration
September 2013 – Progressive companies have taken an active role in trying to improve employee performance and team collaboration.  By fostering healthy knowledge exchange and competition within their corporate community, companies are improving productivity and innovation. Introducing game mechanics to more business operations, companies are beginning to reap the benefits of having a more, engaged work force.

Vistrada To Provide Governance Framework to Xylem
October 2012 – At Xylem, a global industrial water treatment equipment manufacturer, Vistrada was asked to define a comprehensive process and structure that will enable the IT Leadership Team to drive discussion about technology standards from discourse to decision. Vistrada developed an IT Governance process, and Decision Making Framework.

Vistrada To Participate At Columbia Business School MBA Networking Event
March 2012 – The Vistrada recruiting team attended the Columbia Business School MBA Networking event on March 27, 2012. This Networking Night was an opportunity for Vistrada to meet first and second year MBA students and build its talent pipeline of consultants. Our team conducted one-on-one and small group conversations with students who were interested in learning about consulting opportunities at Vistrada. Overall, this was a successful event for Vistrada since the recruiting team was able to build relationships with MBA students and raise its company profile at the Columbia Business School.

Vistrada To Deliver CRM Implementation Strategy
January 2012 – At a leading electronic payment provider, Vistrada defined the Campaign Management requirements and conducted a comprehensive RFP process to identify the best CRM solution. Subsequently, the client is requesting that Vistrada define requirements for implementing a global data warehouse, encompassing analytics, modeling and big data.

Vistrada To Manage Re-Launch Of
June 2011 – At, Vistrada worked with the client to prioritize requirements and to project manage the development of a website redesign initiative. The effort involved at least seven different vendors and multiple onshore/offshore development resources.

Vistrada To Guide Private Equity Product Implementation
May 2011 – Vistrada is working with a leading private equity firm to transform its fund administration operations. Vistrada is managing the project to implement a Sungard Investran product solution to help augment back office operations.

Vistrada to Provide Support and Maintenance Service for GMDI
May 2010 – Vistrada was just awarded by Genetic Metabolic Dietitians International (GMDI) the maintenance and support for the newly developed nutrition calculator, MetabolicPro, as well as all of GMDI’s technical needs going forward.    MetabolicPro was developed by Vistrada and is slated for a July 2010 release.   GMDI is the preeminent organization for metabolic dietitians and provides leadership in nutrition therapy for genetic metabolic disorders through clinical practice, education, advocacy, and research.

Vistrada Presents MetabolicPro at GMDI Conference
April 2010 – Vistrada debuted a new diet analysis nutrition calculator.  The tool is designed for dietitians who work with patients with metabolic disorders.  Vistrada’s client, Genetic Metabolic Dietitians International (GMDI), tasked Vistrada with developing an application from scratch in about 16 weeks so they could share it with their whole organization at their annual meeting.  Their goal was to have a basic prototype that they could share with the conference attendees, but Vistrada went a few steps further and delivered a nearly production-ready application.  The tool computes complex calculations and presents data in a very easy-to-use format with the ability to download, sort and manipulate data.

Vistrada provides Lead Generation assessment at The Economist Intelligence Unit
October 2009 – Vistrada has successfully completed a Lead Generation assessment for The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU).  An examination of lead generation activities was conducted to determine which tactics were performing at or above expectations and which needed improvement.  Vistrada delivered a focused set of redesigned processes, an actionable Roadmap and strategic and tactical plans for implementation.  Vistrada was also engaged for a second phase to begin implementation of several of the key findings.

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