Xylem is a global industrial water treatment equipment manufacturer. Xylem recently spun-off from ITT and had undergone various re-organizations and mergers over the last several years. Xylem had been developing and refining its own independent systems and processes throughout all centers. Xylem’s IT organization must make near and long term decisions to establish strategic technology standards for infrastructure, enterprise systems, and critical application platforms. Xylem asked Vistrada to lead an engagement to define a comprehensive process and structure that will enable the IT Leadership Team to drive discussion about technology standards from discourse to decision.

Vistrada developed an IT Governance process, and Decision Making Framework. The team conducted a gap analysis of existing IT operations, and derived a strategy with strict controls and monitors. Vistrada also developed a set of tools to help executive stakeholders better evaluate and decide on critical initiatives.

The end result of the project was a standardized Governance process, with tools and guides to support the IT Governance Decision Making process. The new process and framework not only yields faster IT decisions, it also yields better IT decisions. The structure is firm, yet flexible enough to accommodate special situations and conditions.

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